New Tax Resolution Company Creates Buzz in the Financial Industry

Orange County, California – Forward Tax, a tax resolution company, is proud to announce its grand opening. Forward Tax specializes in easing taxpayer’s tax burden by getting them compliant and out of collections. A sister company of Optima Tax Relief and Debtmerica, Forward Tax brings decades of experience and knowledge to assist taxpayers who have fallen behind on their taxes.

Although still a new, young company, Forward Tax has already positioned itself to be a leader in the tax industry that specializes in putting a halt to any collection enforcement action the IRS may be taking and helping taxpayers that owe a tax liability under $10,000 and filing three years of unfiled tax years.

“The reason why we chose to service clients that have a tax liability of $10,000 or less is because we feel as though it is a vast and underserved population. Many of the bigger tax firms have a minumum liability threshold a client must meet before they are taken on, and it’s typically well in excess of $10,000.”

- Jarrod Bassin CEO

“It’s exciting to reach out to a new demographic of people who for years have felt alone in their tax debt. We understand that for many Americans, the specter of even a few thousand dollars can hang over their heads and weigh heavy on their hearts. Now we can help those people."

- Harry Langenberg, Managing Partner

Forward Tax makes it a mission to get their clients past tax years filed and on a protection agreement with the IRS. The company understands that dealing with a tax burden alone can prove to be difficult; especially if you are not up to date with IRS protocols and tax laws. Forward Tax wants to ensure that they get their clients on the right track and continue to do so for their future tax years.

About Forward Tax

Forward Tax Relief was designed to specifically help people get compliant and out of collections with the IRS. We put our experience to work to help our clients who are at risk of being garnished or having their property seized by the IRS. We make it our mission to ease our client’s tax burden and to resolve their debt.

The Forward Tax Streamline Advantage

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